2 thoughts on “Which tools can I use to promote my affiliate marketing programs?

  1. I started started Affiliate Marketing psrt time only 2 months ago.
    LEt’S’s BE REALISTIC!!!!!!

    I do not want to mislead anyone so I declare first that I am an affiiate of Chris Farrel Internet Marketing Service – Voted No1 by IMReportCard.com in USA in 2009.
    I joined on May2 2010 with $4.95 7 day trial and I decided not to cancel and at least to continue subscription another month. I am happy so far.

    My Personal Warning
    He says in the video that after 6 months without any earning he started earning average $250/day and biggest 1 day earning is $4,000,but You Must Not Expect The Same.

    As you see his videos and read his library,he put in "EXTRAORDINARY" amount of hard work,writing articles in Forum etc. Please see the bottom of my comments in this regard.

    He is a real human, operating as active internet marketer UNLIKE MOST OF DUBIOUS INTERNET SHARKS Promising INSTANT OVERNIGHT HUGE INCOME ON THE INTERNET.
    They are criminals,cheats and liars.

    Ads like $100k in 10 days or something are all garbage. Hard works required.

    He clearly states in his web site it does not happen and he did not make money for 6 months. Also he says hard work is required.

    His professional website IS A LIBRARY of ebooks, vidros etc
    Newcomers to online marketing are provided with step by step guide with plain English to create your first website using HIS TEMPLATE with Free unlimited Web Hosting and practically following up with autoresponder email marketing.
    Article, Forum marketing is vital to build a list with give away free ebooks/news letters to build trust with customers/

    Should you join on trial,you can check me my post "Hi! everyone" with my user name "hero" on May 2 in "Are You New? Introduce Yourself Here!" in Discussion Forum.
    And you can confirm that I am not lying.

    You can see details of my recent personal experience and a video clip in the reference sites below/

    Whatever you do,Good Luck!!

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