How to earn money from blogging?

I was wondering how to make blogging an at home job. I love to write especially about my experiences in my day, being a new mom, a student and anything else that comes to mind. I justr dont know how to start doing this.

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  1. There are a lot of good answers for you to decide from or to take in but the question has to be, are you looking for quick income or do you have the time to do it right and make it a recurring passive income down the road (like a couple of months?)?

    If you are looking for quick, then I suggest that you go with the guy that is trying to get you to buy the blogging to the bank and the atomic blogging 3.0 and promote those items.

    If you are doing it as a part time thing at first then here is something that you may want to try out seeing how you enjoy writing articles.

    Step 1: Get an account with
    Step 2: go to and search for trends (should give you a google trends url)
    Step 3: Research the trends that pop up
    Step 4: Go to clickbank, cj, paydotcom, amazon, etc. and find some products that you can promote as well with your articles that you are going to be writing for those trends that you like.
    step 5: write your article and then submit your blog url to social bookmarking sites and also to ping sites.

    I hope that this helps you out.

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