What blogging platform should I use?

I’m an interior design student and I also I’m into crafts. So like blogger I wanna create a site where I can post my tutorial on how to make certain things and general information about the interior projects I do. And I want it to come up on google when people search for tips and tricks on certain things. What should be the best blogging platform I should consider?
I’m not very site or blog savvy so I’m not planning on changing alot of options and customizing other than themes and thing like that.

3 thoughts on “What blogging platform should I use?

  1. Right! I suggest you use Blogger. Although it won’t guarantee that just because you are using a Google program, your site would appear right away when people search for a topic about interior designs. It takes time. There are millions of web pages on the net, each one competing against each other to come up first out of Google’s page result. There’s a lot to it more than just posting. You also need to learn how to optimize your blog to become search engine friendly. But everything will be worth it. It usually takes about a year before your blog gets substantial visitors. If you want to learn how to optimize your blog, you can check this site
    One piece of advise. Enjoy your blog and create your blog with your visitors in mind. Whatever you learn along the way should just guide you but never sacrifice your blog content. You’ll get enough visitors as your blog age. Just enjoy it

  2. If you are blogging for the first time, use blogger. It is simple to create a blog on it. Moreover, it is owned by Google, so it is easily searchable on Google. Once you get your target audience, you can switch to wordpress.

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