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How to open downloaded video files on my Imac?

I am trying to download and open (play) videos from Ewen Chia’s "Internet Millionaire" course. I have a 2006 Imac, dual core Intel, and his course says it works on Macs.

But after downloading tp my desktop, and opening with QuickTime Player (default), I get the error message "additional components are needed to play this video, and tells me to go to the Apple page that has open-source add-ons for Quicktime. I did this, and downloaded all the free add-ons there. It still won’t play the videos…all I get is the audio from the video screen, no visual picture at all.

I have the latest version of Flash Player, I have Real Time Player (which Chia’s help desk said to try), I have the latest Stuffit Expander to unzip the video zip files (Which the course recommends), but even their help desk cannot solve this problem.

Anybody out there who CAN help?

Thanks so much for reading this!
Paul Wooten

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